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Payroc Expands Processing Capabilities With RewardPay Choice

Merchant acquirer Payroc announced that RewardPay, its signature payment processing product, is growing its processing features.

RewardPay Choice comes with each of RewardPay’s benefits, along with the capacity to select the fee amount that clients will pay, according to the announcement.

Payroc said that RewardPay is a “card brand-compliant” surcharging program that lets merchants have cardholders pay all or a portion of their credit card processing fees.

As of its rollout, Payroc said that RewardPay has essentially taken away credit card charges for its merchants for “thousands of dollars in monthly savings.”

“The surcharging movement is on an upward trend, and our payment processing product RewardPay Choice offers an extremely robust program,” VP of Merchant Product James Derby said in the announcement. “This product is fully compliant and gives merchants absolute flexibility in their surcharging amount. This is a capability that is completely unique in the payments industry.”

Merchants don’t need to surcharge their clients for all of their credit card charges and can choose to pay some of the costs instead.

“This solution is an alternative that will give business owners the power to save and grow their businesses, while maintaining valuable relationships with their customers,” according to the announcement.

Payroc provides many different offerings that work with – and seamlessly connect with –RewardPay Choice.

“This is a true choice product in that merchants have the ability to choose the surcharge amount to pass on to their customers, and customers have total choice in the payment method they will use,” stated the announcement.

Payroc is a global merchant acquirer, processing firm and payment facilitator that operates in 46 nations, processing more than $29 billion in annualized volume for over 66,000 merchants, according to the announcement.

The company provides sales enablement and merchant processing infrastructure, offering full-service merchant acquiring offerings with essential card brand network payment sponsorship registrations.

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