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Personal Finance App Uproar Evident In Latest Provider Ranking

What’s up with apps? Lots of shifting around is clearly evident in this latest edition of the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps. It’s a sign of an economy on the move — upward it seems — as millions of savers download powerful apps engineered to manage their money.

The Top 5

Call it a FinTech. Call it an app. Just don’t call No. 1 ranked Chime a bank, regulators insist, even if it has risen to the very top of PYMNTS Provider Rankings.

The No. 2 chart position is a three-way tie this go around. Get out your pencils and scorecards.

Rising two spots is Acorns Invest Spare Change to snag that No. 2 chart position, sharing it with Current (up an astounding four spots), and the Stash app, up one spot from last month.

Remember, we’re only at No. 2. Pace yourselves.

Another remarkable act of levitation is found at No. 3 as the Fidelity Investments app rises four chart positions to land there this month.

Impressive, as is Albert Save And Spend Smarter, also floating up four spots to land at No. 4.

Refreshing to see Mint Personal Finance & Money still at No. 5, closing out this Top 5.

The Top 10

Success stories continue in the lower reaches of the Top 10 Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps, with some noteworthy winners and a few new (or returning) apps to be seen.

At No. 6 is Emma Budget Manager — yet another app leaping at least three whole chart positions above its most recent ranking. Another big gainer at No. 7 is the myWisely Financial Wellness app, also up three spots from last month and firmly ensconced in the Top 10.

Tied scores and big winners made room for more apps in this ranking, so we pack 12 apps into a Top 10. Been doing that a lot lately, and we expect to see more yet. The competition is fierce.

New at No. 8 this month is the Empower app. Returning to the Top 10 at No. 9 is Spendee Budget & Money Tracker grabbing No. 9 with its digital wallet management expertise.

New for this Provider Ranking of Personal Finance apps is Money Pro Personal Finance & Expense Tracker, grabbing No. 10 and closing out this month’s ranking.

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