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Porsche Debuts In-Car Parking, Pay Option In Australia

Porsche drivers in Australia now have new options when parking in Melbourne, NFCW reported.

They can be guided to available parking, gain entry to parking and make contactless payments for parking through their vehicles’ touchscreens using the luxury vehicle maker’s smart parking app, according to the report.

Owners have to first register for and download the Porsche Park app, the report stated. They will also have to add their preferred payment method in order to access contactless parking payments.

After that they’ll be able to search for parking areas that support the service through opening the app on Apple CarPlay, selecting a location and letting real-time navigation happen, according to the report.

“Upon arrival, the app will automatically detect a car park entrance via Bluetooth and signal to the driver the available entry lanes via the [center] console display of the PCM [Porsche Communication Management] screen,” Porsche said, per the report.

After that, the driver will be able to select and open the boom gate without needing to worry about any physical tickets. Then, the app will continue to monitor the parking event, including information on cost and duration of stay, which will be available at any time through one’s smart phone, according to the report.

Upon leaving, the driver will follow the same process as on arrival, with a transaction summary available.

“Porsche Park, developed in conjunction with Australian smart parking solutions provider UbiPark, offers the ability to search, navigate, access and pay at selected off-street partner car park locations,” Porsche said, per the report.

In other tech-related parking news, Google integrated its Maps function with the Google Pay function in February to let users pay parking, tolls and more.

“We’re expanding the ability to pay for transit fares from Maps for over 80 transit agencies around the world,” said Google Maps Product Manager Vishal Dutta at the time.

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