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PROS To Work On B2B eCommerce Operation Launches

PROS, which provides artificial intelligence-powered solutions, will be expanding its strategic collaboration with Adobe to include Magneto Commerce, an eCommerce platform, with the goal of helping companies launch eCommerce solutions.

A press release says the partnership will help companies access the means to launch the eCommerce solutions, including the PROS Connector for Real-Time Pricing, which companies can leverage across several channels.

The solutions will aim to bring omnichannel buying experiences to boost revenue and profit potential, the release says, especially as digital commerce continues to accelerate in use and innovation. B2B customers have come to expect vendors to have access to digital phases of the buying experience. Sellers have come to find it “crucial” to meeting customers where they live right now, which is through new online transactions during the pandemic.

PROS’ AI-based solutions, according to the release, can scale to meet expectations for the high-performance and high-availability demands of online transactions, with personalized product recommendations and real-time pricing even for complex transactions.

PROS Vice President Global Alliances and Partners John Connolly Jr. said the company was looking to “enable the quickest possible on-ramp for businesses who must deliver an exceptional eCommerce buying experience to their customers,” according to the release.

“Today’s buyers expect more streamlined, relevant, and personalized buying experiences, and increasingly their demand is shifting towards self-service,” said PROS Vice President Commerce Strategy John Bruno, according to the release.

He added that the two companies would “power the most personal and optimized buying and selling experiences in the digital world.”

Nikita Melnikovs, member of the board at card payments technology company DECTA, said the rampant shift into digital commerce has led to some companies making mistakes like spending too much money on website development. Instead, he said they should focus on setting up online payments first, ensuring that customers have the easiest experience possible.

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