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PYMNTS announced today that it has acquired Competition Policy International (CPI), a market-leading media company for antitrust. The acquisition adds the most complete news and analysis of antitrust law and competition policy worldwide to PYMNTS’ current robust content offerings related to innovation in payments and commerce, including cutting-edge ConnectedEconomyTM issues. Over the last 16 years, CPI has become one of the most renowned content platforms, offering high-level and sound discussions on antitrust-related issues on a global scale.

The acquisition will also serve as the cornerstone for PYMNTS’ expanded focus on TechREGTM news and information as jurisdictions worldwide debate a range of issues facing technology regulation of digital businesses across the connected economy, including BigTech, FinTechs, crypto, healthcare, social media, AI, privacy, and much more.

“There is a dearth of thoughtful, balanced discourse on competition policy and technology policy in the media today,” says Karen Webster, PYMNTS CEO, “and both have the potential to either foster or derail the future of the connected economy. Just as PYMNTS changed the conversation about payments innovation when we launched in 2009, we’ll use our platform assets and the impressive CPI team to do the very same thing with antitrust and digital technology regulation.”

Led by legal and antitrust experts in antitrust and competition policy, CPI media assets reach more than 30,000 antitrust experts in over 150 countries through its expert-led digital and offline content. Its channels encompass a daily newsletter, weekly columns, subscription-based bi-monthly chronicles, as well as insightful brainstorming sessions and fireside chats with respected academics and officials in the US, EU, China and other jurisdictions. CPI also produces regular CPI TV programming such as the Antitrust Hour and 10-Minute Talks with some of the most powerful names in their respective fields. CPI TV guests have included Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Ron Wyden and heads of national competition authorities from around the world.

CPI also hosts in-person events, including conferences held at Harvard Law School, Melbourne University, and Brussels and private roundtables in Washington DC, Singapore, New Delhi, Sydney, Brussels, London, and Paris.

CPI will operate as a What’s Next in Media and Analytics (doing business as property and will provide insights into antitrust and regulation for the community.

About PYMNTS is a recognized global leader for data, news, and insights on innovation in payments and the platforms powering the connected economy. uses proprietary research, data analysis and executive insights to create content and start conversations about the future of our connected world and how it impacts business decisions.

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