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Qualpay Integrates Google Pay Into Payment Platform

Qualpay customers will now be able to process Google Pay transactions through the Qualpay platform.

According to Qualpay, the move will allow its merchants to keep pace with the rising popularity of payments through digital wallets such as Google Pay.

“Mobile payments are rapidly becoming the payment option of choice for consumers around the world, and with Google Pay now integrated into the Qualpay platform, our customers can continue to keep pace with the demands of the marketplace,” said Qualpay CEO Craig Gass in a statement.

The company noted that global eCommerce is estimated to have grown by nearly 17 percent in 2020 to more than $3.9 trillion. Google Pay has emerged as one of the most popular payment options, making it a priority for Qualpay to integrate it into its platform.

In addition to mobile options like Google Pay, Qualpay’s platform also supports a traditional payment gateway, merchant account and processor, effectively allowing businesses to manage their payments all in one place. The platform enables businesses to process payments using a single, user-friendly interface. Qualpay’s suite of products can be used individually or grouped together to fit the customer’s market needs.

In November, Google rolled out a new version of Google Pay in the U.S. on Android and iOS. The revamp, according to the company, seeks to expand the payments and commerce ecosystem across a range of platforms, devices and payment types, giving consumers greater control over transactions and setting the stage for “smart” checking and savings accounts (or “smart DDAs”). Some are calling it a “super app” because of its variety of uses.

The Google Pay revamp has since catapulted the app to the top of the charts. The app quickly became No. 1 for finance on the Google Play App Store, the website Apptopia reported. By Dec. 9, it had skyrocketed to No. 1 overall and has stayed there ever since.

Beyond that, on Apple’s App Store, Google Pay hit No. 1 for the finance category by Dec. 16. Only four days later, it had gone to the top of the charts in the overall category. Apptopia reported that those rankings were the highest the app has ever scored.

The timing for the Google Pay revamp is right, considering that the pandemic has pushed digital wallet usage upward. Blackhawk Network said that mobile wallet adoption in the U.S. stood at 38 percent usage among consumers before the pandemic. By the fall, the use of mobile wallets had gone up to 55 percent. Now, 88 percent of shoppers surveyed across eight countries use digital wallets.

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