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Ripple, Digital Features For QSRs, eCommerce Security Top This Week’s News

In this week’s news, we saw a report that Ripple might make a move to go public in the future, and new insights have emerged on eCommerce security and digital features for quick-service restaurants (QSRs). The Weekender is here to catch you up.


Ripple Could Seek IPO Following SEC Settlement

Ripple could reportedly make a move to go public once the California blockchain platform settles its suit with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Tala and Visa Partnership Seeks To Ignite Stablecoin Use In Emerging Markets

Visa and Tala are collaborating to help the unbanked gain access to, keep and utilize digital currencies as part of everyday spend.

BNPL Pays Now As PayPal Reports Strong Q1 Results

It was another victory march of an earnings report for PayPal as its first-quarter results went over the wires this week. Earnings arrived at $1.22, adjusted ahead of the $1.01 outlook prelease, while revenue arrived at $6.03 billion compared to $5.90 billion forecasted by the experts.

Why Dogecoin’s Meteoric Rise Should Sound More Alarms 

We’re in rarefied territory in which the price of anything that is traded jump by double-digit percentages, with regularity. It was bitcoin in the past, and now it’s a joke coin. But the warning signs that are flashing are no laughing matter.

Nokia Soars On 5G Propulsion

Nokia has been working around the world to implement its 5G solutions. A strong 5G focus has brought about higher first-quarter network and 5G equipment sales — in addition to a €373 million ($452 million) comparable net profit that came out ahead of expectations of €90 million.

Trackers And Reports

REPORT: 65 Pct Of Consumers Would Abandon Merchant After eCommerce Data Breach

The pandemic has been an undeniable boon for online retailers. However, this jump in eCommerce activity comes with a catch. The more time people spend shopping through eCommerce, the more worried they become about the safety of their personal and transactional data on the web.

Clean Juice CEO: Yesterday’s Mobile Apps Won’t Cut It For 2021’s QSR Customers

Clean Juice, the organic juice bar, is among the QSRs that revamped its mobile experience and looked at its loyalty program to help satisfy digital demand. PYMNTS explores what steps the firm took in the past year to bolster key features and fuel sales.

Fun, Cool And Otherwise Interesting

A Bank By Any Other Name: FinTechs Spark Debate

While many times referred to as a top digital bank, Chime is not technically a bank and won’t be referred to itself as one any longer to appease a California regulator who took issue with the financial technology firm’s loose use of the word.

Amazon Will Outgrow Walmart 3-To-1 Over Next Five Years

PYMNTS’ analysis and forecast of total U.S. retail sales shows Amazon outgrowing Walmart by an over three-to-one margin through 2025.

The ‘Instacart Of Europe’ Works With Retailers To Offer ‘Everything, Everywhere’ 

Everli, the Italy-based grocery delivery platform previously called Supermercato24, now has $100 million in Series C funding at its disposal to expand its offerings internationally.

Etsy Says eCommerce Will Decelerate Even As New And Repeat Buyers Soar

While Etsy said in its first-quarter earnings results that the “incredible momentum” it experienced in 2020 amid pandemic-related lockdowns continued into the first quarter, the marketplace company cautioned that its triple-digit pace of growth would slow down along with a wider forecasted deceleration in eCommerce.

Retail’s (Margin) Conundrum Is Here As eCommerce Surges

In the jump in online commerce lies a double-edged sword. Even though there are higher sales for companies being swamped with digital orders, higher operating costs exist to satisfy consumer expectations that have been largely set by companies like Amazon.

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