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Rite Aid Rebrands, Reconfigures Retail Experience

Rite Aid, locked in a battle for U.S. market share with CVS and Walgreens, unveiled its rebranding Monday (Nov. 9) along with a new vision for its in-store and digital-first experience.

“This is an important milestone in our relentless pursuit of becoming the preeminent whole health destination. We’re charging forward on our journey to revitalize the chain drug store experience — store by store, community by community — and today we’re ready and excited to invite customers to join us on this journey,” said Rite Aid Chief Operating Officer Jim Peters. “Customers will soon take notice as the look and feel of our stores is being refreshed, our merchandising mix evolves to an assortment that best supports whole health, and perhaps most importantly, our trusted neighborhood pharmacists are empowered and qualified to consult not simply on traditional medicines, but alternative remedies as well. We’re redefining an industry, and aspire to get each one of our customers to thrive.”

The new branding centers on pharmacists and a more holistic approach to health and wellness. A new 30-second television spot highlights the “Perfect Fusion” of traditional medicine and alternative remedies. The new branding and ad campaign position Rite Aid pharmacists as whole health advocates within their communities. It will accompany that with a continuing education to ensure pharmacists are certified immunizers, and what the company calls “trained integrative pharmacy specialists.”

The company is also upgrading its digital experience. In recent months, it relaunched and its mobile app, kicking off a digital refresh that provides customers with an elevated user experience. In addition to existing prescription delivery options, Rite Aid has invested in technology to offer customers more digital-first options. A recent partnership with Instacart made delivery of non-prescription items available across the chain’s entire retail footprint. Rite Aid also offers prescription delivery at most locations, and says it will soon “announce a new partnership to expand this service.”

Rite Aid’s “Stores of the Future” will bring pharmacists out from behind the counter and into the open, for more customer accessibility. Rite Aid will also have “beauty ambassadors” to advise on its beauty product mix, which includes a shift toward natural, chemical-free options.

“The result is a store that feels like a spa-like destination for products that customers can feel good and get excited about — not the tired, traditional drugstore chain experience customers have grown accustomed to,” the company said in a statement.

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