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SaaS Firm Ordrslip Teams Up With DoorDash For On-Demand Delivery

Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Ordrslip is partnering with DoorDash Drive, the white-label fulfillment platform of DoorDash, to advance affordable delivery from the mobile app.

“This partnership gives restaurants a way to provide customers with a smooth mobile ordering experience and an easy delivery option while maintaining the direct connection with customers via their own branded app,” said Ordrslip Director of Revenue Jordan Sanchez. “Together, the Ordrslip and DoorDash offering provide restaurants with the digital tools to grow their business and retain as much revenue in-house as possible.”

The DoorDash Drive integration gives users the ability to place restaurant orders without exiting the app. Restaurants can potentially save money with the integration, the release indicated.

“With DoorDash Drive, DoorDash provides a way for restaurants of all sizes to offer delivery through their own channels, tapping into a nationwide fleet of Dashers and DoorDash’s logistics technology,” said Sagar Patel, director of DoorDash Drive. “With dine-in remaining limited in many cities and states, we’re excited to announce our integration with Ordrslip to give restaurants another way to establish their online presence and build their own branded online channel.”

According to the Ordrslip website, the company is “a project that originated via the innovation lab at Bitwise Industries.” Bitwise is a technology ecosystem in Fresno, California. 

Ordrslip gives restaurants, concession stands and food trucks the ability to operate custom smartphone apps to meet growing demand for mobile ordering options. The company’s subscription-based SaaS gives consumers access to their favorite restaurant’s menu from anywhere. 

The company said in the release that it also provides restaurants with the ability to reduce cost, grow ticket yields, improve order accuracy, and more.

Doordash is leading convenience store deliveries, with stores like 7-Eleven and CVS seeing third-party delivery app sales escalate 346 percent in 2020. In January, DoorDash had 60 percent of the market share for convenience store deliveries.

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