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Sam’s Club, Walmart Launching Elton John Eyewear Collection

Walmart and Sam’s Club are set to launch the Elton John Eyewear line of glasses this week as the company continues to focus efforts on increasing its capture of consumers’ healthcare spend.

John worked with the retailers on the brand’s development and gave each of the frames a name, including Rocketman in honor of his classic song and Academy Award-nominated movie of the same name; A-List, referring to his career peak; and Prodigy, a nod to the start of his career.

“Elton John Eyewear celebrates confidence, self-expression and authenticity,” John said in the announcement. “The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always Look Yourself. It’s not just about glasses. It’s about changing the way people see themselves.”

The eyewear line’s Foundations Collection includes 60 frames: 36 frames unique to Sam’s Club and 24 frames sold only at Walmart. They will retail between $95-$100 and are available in prescription, non-prescription, sun and reader categories.

Sam’s Club will also sell two collections that reflect John’s confidence and self-expression: The Capsule Collection, designed for collectability, showcases Elton John’s musical journey; and The Master Collection, which recreate and reissue his most iconic looks and are signed and numbered.

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Earlier this year, Walmart partnered with health records platform Epic to create a portal through which Walmart Health members, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders can access a patient’s medical records and history. Epic plans to roll out the portal at four new Walmart Health Centers in Florida early next year before expanding to other locations.

Walmart also rolled out a private brand of insulin and acquired telehealth provider MeMD this summer. The company first opened in-store health clinics in 2019, and CEO Doug McMillon told analysts last month that he hopes the retailer can play a role in connecting consumers with healthcare around the world.

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