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Shopping Apps Browse For Better Positions In Latest Provider Ranking

Be it COVID, asteroid strikes or invasions from other dimensions, people will still find a way to buy things they need and want. In this way, commerce inspires humanity. It’s almost altruistic.

Not to give the wrong impression with words like that — there’s heady competition afoot in PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps. In fact, this new update contains a few stunners, and that’s no overstatement. In words, it is on among shopping apps, as you’ll see.

The Top 5

So as to ease us into this dynamic update, we begin at the top where the brands are big and positions hard-won. Sticking at No. 1 is the Walmart app, while in No. 2 its seeming archrival Amazon which goes on without Jeff Bezos at the helm, and fashion eCommerce platform app SHEIN still shining at No. 3.

Now, for some Chinese fireworks. The AliExpress Shopping App levitates four chart positions to land at No. 4, pushing the Wish ecommerce app down one spot to No. 5 and completing the Top 5 for this  Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.

The Top 10

Continuing down the list we find marketplace name brand eBay rising one spot to claim No. 6 and nudging another name brand — Nike — down one to the No. 7 position. Since the last check-in on shopping apps, Alibaba has risen a spot to alight for now at No. 8.

Now for the big news: two new entrants. Appearing at No. 9 is the upmarket Poshmark social commerce app, and, new at No. 10, the OfferUp mobile-first marketplace.

That’s enough excitement, thus we conclude this update of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.



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