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Singapore’s Liquid Group Debuts Real-Time B2B, B2C Payments

Singapore’s cross-border digital payments startup Liquid Group is introducing B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) real-time payment tools that capitalize on the company’s direct connection to FAST and PayNow.

Liquid Group CEO and Founder Jeremy Tan said in a press release on Monday (July 26) that the company’s newest solutions merge “domestic real-time payments with our cross-border network.” He added that the company is working on “making real-time cross border payments a reality soon.”

The B2B and B2C payment solutions are being introduced via the company’s corporate payment portal that facilitates collection, invoice payments and payroll payouts, all in real-time. The new tools are for corporates, marketplaces, trade and logistics exchanges.

The Liquid Group platform extends wholesale foreign exchange rates to users and also accepts diverse payment methods — QR, direct debit, and bank transfers, according to the release. The company also has a growing suite of APIs for easy integration with partner networks.

The company’s payment portal also offers real-time payroll payouts in Singapore and some international markets for their “partner payroll management companies, gig economy marketplaces and social commerce platforms,” per the release.

Liquid Group has a presence across the Asia-Pacific region and offers domestic and cross-border corporate payment solutions in the B2B and B2C spaces. The company also operates XNAP Network, an open application programming interface (API)-based QR payment acceptance network that makes possible the cross-border acceptance of bank and nonbank QR wallets and payment apps.

The startup is regulated as a major payment institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct services such as account issuance, eMoney issuance, merchant acquisition, domestic money transfer and cross-border money transfer.

Having the necessary infrastructure in place is critical for global real-time payments, Ginny Chappell, senior vice president, digital payments at FIS, told Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS. Chappell said that some 40 percent of larger accounts at some of the biggest financial institutions can’t send or receive real-time payments.

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