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Snap Originals Introduces Platform For New Creators

A new slate of Snap Originals is rolling out this year, adding to the more than 128 original series launched in 2020. More than 85 percent of Generation Z tuned in to a Snap Original last year, according to a company blog post on Wednesday (May 5).

Snapchat’s recently launched made-for-mobile programming aims to encourage conversations about social issues, racial injustice and mental health. Other big issues like climate change are also on the agenda as being important to the Snapchat generation.

“Through our Snap Originals, it’s been exciting to see A-List talent become passionate about telling stories on mobile and creating content designed for the Snapchat community,” the company said per the post. “We’re also giving Snapchatters a look at their favorite creators like they’ve never seen before, and finding rising stars on their way to becoming household names.”

The newly launched creator marketplace enables businesses to tap creators to advance augmented reality (AR) experiences and leverage the expertise of makers in the Snap Lens Network. Ultimately, the creator marketplace will help the platform’s community of Snap Stars collaborate with partners for activation and advertising.

“For businesses, this is a new opportunity to leverage the creativity and expertise of Snap Creators — who know the Snapchat Generation best,” according to the post.

The Creator Marketplace is anticipated to roll out at the end of May for all businesses looking to team up with AR Creators through 2021. In early 2022, it will expand to an open marketplace that includes all Snap Creators, per the post.

Snap’s ecosystem is made up of 265 million active users who look to the app multiple times each day. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said last month that the company is eyeing new income streams.

In March, Snap moved to super app status for users, making headlines for a new partnership that will enable makers to license their music directly on Snap. A PYMNTS report indicated that partnership includes the NBA with eCommerce tools that tap New York City-based location data firm Street Cred.

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