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SumUp Taps Google Pay For Merchants To Spend POS Proceeds

To let retailers conduct more expedient and secure transactions with its prepaid debit card, SumUp is teaming with Google Pay, reported IBSintelligence on Wednesday (June 9).

SumUp lets small businesses accept payments by the way of card readers, according to the company’s website. The SumUp Card serves as a prepaid debit card that lets cardholders make payments with the funds they obtain via transactions accepted through SumUp.

Retailers can harness the card anywhere Mastercard is taken, whether that be in stores, on the web or at an automated teller machine (ATM).

SumUp said that those that already have SumUp cards in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland can put their cards in their mobile wallets and begin harnessing it to make payments.

Dimitri Gugunava, vice president of banking at SumUp, said that the company is constantly aiming to assist its retailers with finding new avenues to make their businesses better, “particularly as we move out of this pandemic and hopefully towards a more economically positive future.”

“Collaborating with Google Pay is a really important development for us, because it means we can remove layers of friction for small businesses who need to make quick (but safe) payments on the go,” Gugunava said in the announcement.

The news comes as SumUp is teaming with Mastercard to fuel credit card and electronic payment offerings for Ford commercial vehicles.

The offering lets those who own small businesses, such as food trucks, take credit cards and other kinds of digital payments directly from their Ford trucks by the way of a functionality in the FordPass Pro app.

“Our ambition has always been to support small businesses in their daily work and make it easier for them to get paid doing what they love. The new Marketplace feature within the FordPass Pro app embodies this approach, and we are pleased to be a part of it with our payment technology and wide range of services,” Alexander von Schirmeister, executive vice president Europe, SumUp, said in a November statement.

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