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SutiSoft Adds Chatbot Features To Streamline Expense Reports

The SutiExpense chatbot, which is a product of business software company SutiSoft, has introduced new functions to bolster the user experience. The functionalities can assist users with sending their expense reports in a simple manner, according to a Wednesday (June 23) announcement.

Users can use voice commands to affix receipts to their expense reports or expense line items. In addition, users have the ability to begin the conversation again whenever they would like by asking with their voices. Moreover, help tutorials give users a full summary of the chatbot and assist them in making sense of the important functionalities that the chatbot supports.

Also, users have the ability to rate the chatbot based on their time with the technology. The SutiSoft workforce will look at and assess all input that users give, according to the announcement, which noted that the company appreciates input as it is developing more functionalities for the chatbot.

SutiSoft offers an in-depth collection of cloud-based systems and offerings for businesses of various sizes.

“Our platforms and solutions enable small, mid-size, and large enterprise customers to control costs, save time, and assist in making smart business decisions,” SutiSoft said in the announcement.

Their offerings provide solutions for electronic signature, business data analytics, document management, customer relationship management (CRM), staffer travel and expense, wireless spend management and human resources (HR).

SutiSoft is based in Los Altos, California, and has regional offices located in Japan, India and Germany.

In separate expense report-related news, Emburse has launched a solution called Emburse Audit to help entities ensure that expense reimbursement is accurate and is in line with policy. The offering combines machine learning (ML) and a group of human auditors to conserve time, scrap wasteful spending, ensure compliance and lessen fraud.

Emburse Audit initially examines expense transactions and compares them to pre-set standards to determine if transactions are in line with an entity’s reimbursement rules. In the event an expense has a high probability of error, it is given to human auditors to review.

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