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Teen Hustl Unveils Personal Package Delivery Service

Teen Hustl has unveiled a “Personal Package Delivery” service, which lets shoppers send their eCommerce orders to Amazon Lockers and UPS stores to be retrieved and delivered by local teens on eScooters and bikes, according to a Monday (Nov. 30) announcement.

Teen Hustl will roll out its offering in Broomfield and Denver, Colorado, selecting its second location inside of Denver Police Department District 1. Teenage Founder Jack Bonneau said the DPD monitors package theft distinctly from general theft.

“We chose this location to determine if Personal Package Delivery can reduce package theft while being eco-friendly and convenient for the customer,” Bonneau said.

The founder noted that porch pirates have under a 1 percent chance of getting caught, despite millions of doorbell cameras implemented throughout the country.

“We believe contactless delivery by local teens giving the customer’s package directly to them when they’re at home is the most convenient, eco-friendly and efficient way,” Bonneau said.

Teen Hustl offers a community-based delivery offering that allows teens the chance to build work, life and social skills that will provide them with positive rewards throughout their lives, according to the announcement. The company is this year’s recipient of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Award.

As online shopping demand spikes into the holiday season, the effect of friction along the last mile is impacting firms far and wide. For carriers that work through the last mile, with vans and trucks navigating streets and traffic to reach shoppers’ doorsteps, there are a number of pressures connected with keeping up with demand.

UPS and FedEx have been experiencing delivery van shortages, which has been impacting profits. Bloomberg called it a “surprise cost squeeze.” In the midst of record demand for deliveries, these companies are rushing to put vehicles into place to supplement their last-mile initiatives.

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