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Tesla Tequila Sells Out On First Day Of Launch

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What started as an April Fool’s joke in 2018 — “Teslaquila” — is now a hot seller, with bottles of Elon Musk’s Tesla Tequila, priced at $250, selling out within hours, according to a CNN report.

Produced by the South California brand Nosotros Tequila, Tesla Tequila is sold in a lightning-shaped bottle resembling Tesla’s logo. Sales are limited to two bottles per person. It is advertised on Tesla’s website as a “premium 100 percent de agave tequila añejo aged in French oak barrels” and made from sustainably sourced agaves. 

Resellers are already scalping the bottles for as much as $999. An empty bottle on eBay with a stand was listed at more than $4,000.

Known for launching oddball branded merchandise, the electric car company has sold mini red gym shorts, flame throwers, surfboards and more. Its Amazon store launched last year, and the company said it is planning to expand its retail presence. 

Despite Musk’s reports that Tesla was on the verge of collapse, its stock price has soared over 420 percent this year. Last month, the company reported strong earnings and a record profit for the third quarter. It said it will hit its goal of selling 500,000 cars this year.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla said it has maintained its 2020 targets. It anticipates that it will deliver twice as many vehicles in the second half of the year as it did in the first. The company delivered 90,650 cars to customers during the second quarter, down 5 percent from 2019. Many carmakers have reported declines of 30 percent or more.

Tesla has expansion plans in Singapore, France and China. Its Chinese-built Model 3 at Gigafactory Shanghai has so far proved successful. The car has the option of dual motor all-wheel drive and goes from zero to 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds.

New Tesla locations are being planned in Tucson, Arizona; El Paso, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Smithtown, New York.

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