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The ‘New Normal’ of the Delivery Business

In “The Way Payments Are Now Done,” 33 payment executives discuss what payments’ “new normal” looks like. Simon Law, co-founder and CEO of LoginID, discusses how the digital shift has impacted the delivery space, and all of the interactions between drivers and consumers. Read his insights in the eBook.

There are a lot of changes to the way things are being done as the world recovers from the pandemic, but if I had to think about one particular thing that impacts a customer but does not directly involve them is the “new normal” in the delivery space.

Due to the new social distancing mandate, delivery drivers in the food or retail space are now leaving the food or the ordered goods at the customer’s doorstep and, as proof of delivery, taking a picture of the physical address with the delivered item in front of it. Previously, there would have been the typical knock at a door or ringing of a bell, an exchange of pleasantries and delivery of the product. Taking a picture, however, does not guarantee that the intended person has, in fact, received their package (think of rental scenarios, shared entrances or other scenarios).

A better way to support this interaction would be a system where the driver is able to notify the customer that their item has been delivered in a few taps or clicks versus taking a photograph and continuing on with their other deliveries. The customer would receive a notification and be able to instantly verify that they have, in fact, received their goods. This way, there is stronger proof of the transaction successfully taking place, and no opportunity for friendly fraud to occur.

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