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The Recovery Rolls On With An Accessibility Theme

The recovery is on, at least here in the U.S where the vast majority of consumers are looking ahead with optimism when it comes to what’s next, and the market is moving fast to meet their emerging needs. That movement is in turn making the digital world a more accessible space with more options for both consumers and businesses when it comes to transacting how they want, when they want in a secure context.


126%: Increase in domestic travel bookings in 2021 compared with 2019, according to travel site Hopper.

44M: Number of “credit invisibles” in the U.S. — consumers with thin credit or no credit who don’t qualify for traditional financing.

84%: Share of consumers who believe their finances will improve.

74%: Portion of FIs reporting they’ve seen an increase in cybercrime volume since March 2020.

40%: Share of U.S. SMBs reached by P2P platform Zelle.

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