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The Rise Of The Digital Shift, New Payment Options And IPOs

The digital shift produced direct-to-consumer sales, the continued decline of malls/department stores and the accelerated growth of Amazon, Walmart and Target this year. In payment methods, consumers learned about new payment options and adopted them at a dramatic rate. And in investments, the U.S. market for initial public offerings had a banner year despite the pandemic — or perhaps because of it. All this, Today in Data.

Today in Data


200K: Minimum number of businesses using Shift4 Payments‘ secure payment processing solutions.

$68: Per share price at which Airbnb went public, above both its original pricing range of $44 to $50 and an upwardly revised $56 to $60.

54%: Share of mid-income consumers who report having used digital wallets to pay during the past three months.

40%: Portion of surveyed shoppers who report doing fewer activities in stores and more online.

11.5%: Share of bridge millennials who have used buy now, pay later (BNPL).

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