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TikTok Payment Fund has Blocked New Viral Stars From Getting Paid

Numerous TikTok stars who have qualified for TikTok’s Creator Fund, which allows creators to be paid for popular videos, have been unable to access the registration system, Bloomberg wrote Wednesday (March 23).

This has reportedly caused “frustration and public outrage” among dedicated creators. The Creator Fund, which is only available to users with over 10,000 followers who meet additional criteria, offers users a way to receive compensation for viral videos.

However, according to the report, a glitch has been preventing some eligible accounts from registering for the fund, with dozens of users on TikTok, Twitter and Reddit reporting issues related to the process.

One such user, Matt Mooney, told Bloomberg that he’s been posting three times a day to continue growing his account — but the glitch still hasn’t be fixed.

“Once I finally hit 10,000 followers, I felt pretty achieved. And then seeing that glitch, it’s a very defeating feeling,” Mooney said. “Every time I post, all I can think about now is how much I would have gotten in the creator fund.”

TikTok said it was aware of the issue, saying in a statement that it is “working on a fix that should be available in the next few days.”

To qualify for the Creator Fund, users must be over 18, have 10,000 followers and have reached 100,000 cumulative views in the past 30 days. Payment amounts are based on various factors, including views, engagement and adherence to content rules.

Social media has been a source of controversy as of late, with a Russian court calling Meta Platforms an “extremist organization” — though they said that only applied to the already-illegal Facebook and Instagram, instead of WhatsApp.

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PYMNTS wrote that Moscow’s Tverskoi District Court upheld a suit filed by state prosecutors to ban Meta’s activities. The decision, which is set to be enforced immediately, is the latest in a battle between Russia and global social media giants.

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