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Today In B2B Payments: Barclays Launches Trade Finance Platform; Plaid Teams With Jack Henry

Today in B2B payments, Barclays debuts a corporate trade finance platform, and Adobe introduces B2B data capabilities on its real-time Customer Data Platform. Plus, Zact introduces its expense management solution, Monit adds new small business Banking-as-a-Service features and Plaid teams up with Jack Henry.

Barclays Works With CGI to Implement Trade Finance Platform

Barclays Corporate Banking is working with CGI to put into place the CGI Trade360 system, which will provide an international trade finance offering to the bank’s customers in Britain and across the globe, according to a Tuesday (Nov. 24) announcement. “We have a longstanding partnership with CGI, and the CGI Trade360 platform will mean we can continue delivering the best possible trade solutions and service to our clients for many years to come,” said James Binns, global head of trade and working capital at Barclays.

Adobe Introduces B2B Capability for Customer Data Platform

Adobe is extending the parameters for its Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering to include B2B data and workflows, the company announced in a Tuesday (Nov. 24) blog post, improving on last year’s version that only worked with brands. The new features will aid companies in creating, managing and activating unified people and account profiles, and will help teams coordinate consistent account-based experiences across numerous channels and teams at-scale based on full understanding of customers, the company said. The features will be available next year, according to the blog post.

Zact Rolls Out Linked Payments, Expense Management System

California-based FinTech Zact rolled out its linked payments and expenditure management system, according to a Tuesday (Nov. 24) announcement. The company provides a way to solve the challenge of supervising business costs and payments, while aligning the requirements of the spending staff members and the accounting workforces, according to the announcement. “We saw a real problem in expense and payment management and wanted to build an end-to-end platform, versus a point solution that only cured part of the pain,” Co-Founder and CEO John Thomas said in the announcement.

Monit Introduces New Ways for Banks to Help SMBs

Predictive finance platform Monit has rolled out new features to help banks better connect with small business customers, a press release says. Monit works with predictive intelligence to offer a “high-level, holistic” view of the health of a bank’s customers, the release says. The new features, according to the press release, will provide a complete view of a bank’s aggregated customer profile, built from information from each individual business and including data outside the scope of the bank’s internal view of the customer. The new updates let banks filter and target specific customers for offers based on their current and predictive signals, with privacy maintained.

Plaid Teams With Jack Henry to Bring Plaid Exchange to Banks

FinTech startup Plaid is partnering with banking platform Jack Henry & Associates to advance the Plaid Exchange for more than 350 financial institutions (FIs). “We developed Plaid Exchange to make open finance as simple as possible for financial institutions — no matter their size,” Niko Karvounis, Plaid head of product, institutions said in a statement on Tuesday (Nov. 24). “Our partnership with Jack Henry helps us bring Plaid Exchange to hundreds of regional and community banks, and helps ensure millions of people can access digital finance apps and services no matter where they choose to bank, invest and manage their money,” Karvounis added.

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