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Today In Connected Commerce: Retail AI And Gmail Shopping

Consumers are reorienting how they like to shop, and how they like to pay, creating a new opportunity for merchants to expand and connect their consumer offerings and create a better, more personal and more interactive experience.

AI’s Expanding Role In Retail

In a world where commerce is going digital, Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies, told PYMNTS, the new name of the game is creating a real connection to the consumer. “When you talk about eCommerce now, it’s all about providing a personalized experience to the customer,” Pansare said. And that, in turn, means tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) to create truly interactive commerce experiences buttressed by data.

Shopping Comes To Gmail

AI-powered payments startup Skipify is partnering with Google to deliver shopping features within the Gmail ecosystem, the firms jointly announced last week, making it possible for Gmail users to be able to view products in real time and checkout with a shopping cart without leaving the email space. “We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Google Gmail to help merchants bring shopping into the inbox for the first time,” said Skipify Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryth Martin.

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