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Today In Connected Economy: Lyft Launches Modified Shared Rides; Netflix Aims To Grow Into The Video Games Space

In today’s top connected economy news, Lyft has reintroduced shared rides in a few American cities, while Netflix is looking to expand into the world of video games. Plus, Google is launching new tools to help the travel sector as it recovers from the pandemic.

Lyft Rolls Out Modified Shared Rides

Lyft has reintroduced shared rides in three American cities as municipalities throughout the nation relax their pandemic restrictions. “Lyft has reimagined shared rides to make them cheaper, faster and more enjoyable for both riders and drivers,” the firm said in an announcement. “For riders, this means a seamless experience and a more affordable, reliable ride. For drivers, this means increased utilization, decreased downtime and even more earnings opportunities.”

Netflix To Go From Movies And TV To Gaming

Netflix is aiming to grow into the video games space, and it has brought a former executive from Electronic Arts Inc. on board to help with the move. Mike Verdu will serve as vice president of game development. Netflix has been looking for ways to expand amid a saturated streaming market, with strategies that involved a beefed-up collection of kids’ shows and working with Steven Spielberg to make more sophisticated movies.

Google Launches New Tools To Help Travel Industry Rebound

Google is rolling out new tools to aid the travel sector as the industry recovers from the pandemic. Travel Insights with Google was first launched in the Asia Pacific region in December for testing, and it is now rolling out in the United States. “Google is working hard to listen to customer feedback and ensure travel businesses and tourism officials have the information needed to continue recovery,” the company said in a blog post.

Giant Food Adds EBT SNAP Payment Option To Online Orders

Giant Food will now take EBT card payments for pickup and delivery orders made through the web. “Convenience and value are of great importance at Giant, and as online grocery demand continues at an all-time high, we are excited to make shopping more accessible for our SNAP customers on,” Gregg Dorazio, director of eCommerce for Giant Food, said in an announcement.

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