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Today in Food Commerce: Instacart Takes a Hit; Gopuff Delivers From UK Grocer Morrisons

Today in food commerce, Instacart is lowering its internal valuation, and Gopuff delivers groceries on demand from U.K. grocer Morrisons. Plus, Chad Crawford, chief brand officer at CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, speaks with PYMNTS about loyalty differentiation.

Changing Market Prompts Instacart to Cut Valuation From $39B to $24B

In response to changing market conditions, Instacart is cutting its internal valuation by 38% to $24 billion from the $39 billion it was valued at following a $265 million funding round last year.

Gopuff Teams With UK Grocer Morrisons for Instant Delivery

Instant delivery platform Gopuff is teaming up with U.K. supermarket giant Morrisons to quickly bring thousands of goods, including locally-made food products, to consumers across the country.

QSR Chains Combine Predictable Loyalty Rewards With Intermittent Surprises to Drive Engagement

“I think in loyalty overall, part of what is exciting about it is you can have the predictability but also take the opportunity for some surprise fun along the way,” Chad Crawford, chief brand officer at CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, told PYMNTS in an interview.

Sweetgreen to Open Drive-Thru Location

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants that never thought they would open drive-thru locations have been changing course in response to widespread demand for the channel. Fast-casual burger brand Shake Shack and pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s are among those that have made moves into the space in the past year. Now, Sweetgreen is getting on board.

Instacart Plans to Boost in-Store Presence With Smart Carts

Instacart announced it is directing part of its focus to boosting its in-store technology offerings with “digital integrations and connected hardware,” including smart shopping carts.

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