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Today In Retail: AutoNation Bolsters Online Car Buying Experience; Waitwhile Notches $12 Million To Assist Retailers With Lines

In today’s top retail news, AutoNation, Inc. revealed an enhanced experience for its AutoNation Express service, while Waitwhile raised a $12 million investment from venture capital firm CRV. Plus, eBay finished 2020 with a flourish, as its Q4 and full-year results came out ahead of expectations.

AutoNation Revamps Digital Car Shopping Experience

AutoNation, Inc. has unveiled a bolstered experience for its AutoNation Express integrated retail offering. The automotive retailer says that AutoNation Express builds upon client loyalty and removes hurdles during the car buying and service experience. AutoNation owned and operated over 315 locations throughout the nation as of the end of 2020.

Waitwhile Lands $12 Million to Help Retailers Manage Wait Lines

Waitwhile notched a $12 million investment from CRV, the venture capital firm, as part of its Series A financing round. The company has worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Patagonia, Applebee’s and IKEA to change the wait experience for over 80 million customers to date. Waitwhile helps firms by expediently transforming their physical lines into digital queues.

eBay Adds 11 Million Buyers in 2020; Looks to Keep Momentum Post-Pandemic

eBay concluded last year with a flourish, with Q4 and full-year results that exceeded expectations. During the course of 2020, the digital platform picked up 11 million new buyers, CEO Jamie Iannone said in response to an analyst’s query about how likely eBay is to retain its very expanded audience from last year into this year.

Kylie Jenner, Gucci Lead Resurgence in Pop-Up Retail Concept

Pop-ups are reportedly ready to make a comeback. Commercial real estate landlords have come into this year in a difficult situation, as retail vacancies have gone to a seven-year high at the beginning of 2021. The pop-up model lets landlords fill these vacancies, although for a less lengthy term than the typical average five-year leases. Spaces tend to rent five times quicker when the duration of the lease term is lessened. Even Kylie Jenner is getting in on the action, with a pop-up shop for her cosmetics brand in California.

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