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Today In Retail: Swirl Rolls Out Jewelry Shopping Pilot With GIVA; Walmart Looks To Revamp Distribution With Robotics

In today’s top retail news, Swirl is launching a pilot with GIVA, while Walmart is teaming with robotics and automation firm Symbotic to reimagine its regional distribution network. Plus, large retail brands such as Dollar General can’t hire quickly enough.

Swirl Launching Live Jewelry Shopping Pilot With GIVA In India

Swirl, the interactive and live video commerce software service provider, is rolling out an experimental program with online silver jewelry merchant GIVA. The pilot will integrate Swirl’s technology to “improve Giva’s customer experience and drive better engagement and sales conversions across its digital and social channels,” according to an announcement.

Walmart Aims To Revamp Regional Distribution Network With Robotics

Walmart is working with Symbotic to revamp its regional distribution network amid evolving consumer habits and the digital transformation that is changing the retail industry. Symbotic’s system includes an array of fully autonomous robots in addition to software to allow for a high level of throughput and efficiency while boosting storage facility capacity.

Amazon, Dollar General Lead Retail Hiring Surge Within Tricky Labor Market

The retail industry is dealing with a collection of headwinds that is making the job of onboarding new people unusually challenging. Big brands like Dollar General can’t hire quickly enough, as the retailer announced on Wednesday (July 14) that it is aiming to bring 50,000 people onboard by Labor Day to staff and service the over 1,000 locations it is adding in 2021.

Pepsi Says Shift To eCommerce, At-Home And Health Is Permanent

PepsiCo announced on Tuesday (July 13) that it is positioning itself to capture a post-COVID-19-pandemic shift that will see ongoing migration in the direction of online shopping and digital commerce, in addition to a continuing rise in stay-at-home activities and the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. The firm has been digitizing its supply chain, putting resources toward online marketing, and developing its eCommerce functionalities.

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