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TraXall Expands Fleet And Mobility Management To Scandinavia

Fleet and mobility management company TraXall International will be expanding into Scandinavia, FleetEurope reported Monday (June 14).

TraXall has acquired InoFLEET, the Nordic fleet management program based in Oslo.

Going forward, InoFLEET will trade as TraXall Nordics, the report said. It will provide digital fleet work for public and private fleets in the region.

TraXall offers its Fleet 360 program, which, per the report, is a way for customers to get full control over their fleet management. That control comes with fuel cards, driver and document management, damage reporting, and service and maintenance alerts.

There’s also an interface that will give customers the ability to mine data for fuel and CO2 control. It will also automatically integrate with third parties when needed.

“While leasing has long been the dominant business model for company fleets across Scandinavia, fleet outsourcing has, until recently, remained a relatively new concept, so the market represents a significant sales growth opportunity,” said TraXall International Business Development Director Leomont Wouda.

TraXall Nordics CEO Mats Nyegaard said, with an eye toward the future, “With its stated aim to go carbon neutral as soon as 2025, Sweden has been at the forefront of EV adoption, so we expect a significant increase in demand for EV advice across the Nordics over the coming months.”

The industries of supply chain management, shipping and logistics have been seeing innovations as of late, with disruptors looking to quickly make innovations to centuries-old legacy processes.

As Grant Goodale, the co-founder and chief technology officer at trucking services technology firm Convoy, said, the issue is a common one for B2B practices, where big names in the industry continue to use legacy practices instead of innovating to the digital world.

However, the pandemic sped up efforts by supply chain providers to get more flexibility, a goal the space has been trying to reach for years.

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