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Trulioo Parody Video Implores ‘Don’t Stop Verifying’ Online Identities

More and more, retailers and businesses around the world are trying to figure out if potential customers are really who they say they are.

A new comedy video from Trulioo features some fraudster favorites, such as the innocent girl from Nigeria. “Oh, the stories never end,” — and they’re coming from “unknown people” around the world, the rockin’ cast tells us. The song plays on the idea that the pandemic-induced surge in eCommerce is just adding to the parody’s cast of all-too-real characters.

Who are these “unknown people” in the night?

The video parodies the Journey hit “Don’t Stop Believin’,” turning it into “Don’t Stop Verifying.” For its part, Canada-based Trulioo provides electronic identity and address verification of both individuals and businesses.

“The pandemic has nearly shifted everything online overnight,” said Kim Hong, senior vice president of marketing at Trulioo. “People are doing a lot of their holiday shopping online, and it was evident from the record-breaking sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last week.”

“Unfortunately, the holiday season is also the most opportune time of the year for identity thieves and bad actors to steal from honest, hardworking people,” she added.

In the pandemic, a massive spike in fraud of all kinds has taken businesses by surprise and left them looking for solutions, Trulioo Chief Operating Officer Zac Cohen told PYMNTS last month.

Cohen said fraud is up more than 50 percent year on year, while fraudulent account openings have risen 33 percent since the pandemic began.

Nonetheless, he said there are good approaches and better ways to deal with a fraud-rich environment. The goal is to verify customers’ identities without making them want to bail out of the experience entirely.

The Trulioo video, its fourth one, is out to have some fun with the fraudster scene. The videos can be found on the Trulioo Youtube channel.

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