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Twitter Absorbs Podcast App Breaker, Breaker Set To Dissolve By Jan. 15

The team behind podcast app Breaker is joining Twitter‘s team and closing down its own services, the company reported in a blog post Tuesday (Jan. 5).

According to the post, Breaker, which formed four years ago, will shut down Jan. 15, and founders Leah Culver and Erik Berlin will be building “what comes next.” In joining with Twitter, the founders said they are “inspired by the ways Twitter is facilitating public conversations for people around the world.”

“We’re impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit at Twitter and enthusiastic about the new experiences that the team is creating,” Berlin said in the post.

The post stated that users will have to “find a new podcast listening app,” but the company believes its own services were usurped by younger companies anyway.

“When we started Breaker, podcast apps were productivity apps, similar to feed readers and to-do lists,” according to the post. “Breaker added a social community element with features such as liking and commenting on episodes. We’re now inspired to go even further in re-imagining how we communicate with each other, beyond the scope of traditional podcasts.”

Those looking to transfer their services can export in an OPML file from Breaker and then open it in another app. Those hosting a podcast on Breaker can transfer it to another service, such as Anchor, Simplecast or Transistor, through using the RSS feed, the post stated.

Last month, Twitter bought Squad, a startup allowing people to “hang out” virtually on other apps. The intent is for Squad to help Twitter give people “new ways” to interact, express themselves and join in the public conversation. By adding the Squad team to its ranks, Twitter hopes to get a leg up on understanding how people interact and communicate, and boost the ways people can communicate via the service.

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