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Walmart+ Offers Cash-Back Promo for New Members

People who sign up for Walmart+ on Monday (Oct. 25) will get $9.95 cash-back that can be used to offset the customer’s next online order, Walmart said in an email to PYMNTS on Monday (Oct 25).

Walmart+ is offering the promotion on the same day that Amazon’s grocery delivery service from Whole Foods instituted a $9.95 delivery fee.

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Customers who sign up for Walmart+ subscription by 11:59 p.m. PDT — pay annual membership cost of $98 — will get $9.95 back. The membership includes free grocery delivery from local stores at in-store prices, free shipping with no minimum purchase, and discounts on prescription medications and fuel.

In an exclusive PYMNTS survey of more than 15,500 U.S. consumers between Nov 11, 2020 and April 1, 2021, Walmart+ regained members that dropped out after the initial free trial period earlier this year.

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As the holiday shopping season nears and more people seek early buys due to supply chain snags, Walmart is stepping up delivery until 10 p.m. The retail giant also expanded the number of stores offering alcohol delivery to 1,500 and pickup to 3,000.

In a recent Walmart blog post, Tom Ward, SVP of Last Mile at Walmart, said that shoppers can also take advantage of additional time frames for local delivery and giving people additional time to have large items — like televisions and artificial Christmas trees — delivered.

“Ultimately, we’re giving customers more of what they need – more time, more availability and more items – so they have more time for what they want – more celebration, more joy and more ways to live better,” Ward said in the post.

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